Ebay …?

Answer Just email the seller and tell them you made a boob!

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Can I buy stuff cheap on ebay, then re-sell it on ebay again for a higher price?

You could but there is hardly no profit. Look into China or maybe even the manufactures themselves.

EBay question,, if I list items on eBay but they don't sell will?

I sold an item on ebay to someone on ebay who claims not to have recieved it?

Depends depends.If it's not trackable, there's no proof that the item was delivered, or indeed that it ever made it out of the postbox. So, who knows?If you have a receipt and it states that you po... Read More »

When you sell somethink on ebay how much does ebay take if any?

It takes way too much!!look here - for how it works.....Basic FeesWhen you list an item on eBay, you're charged an Insertion Fee according to the table below. If the item sells, you are also charge... Read More »