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Answer Just email the seller and tell them you made a boob!

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How do you increase sales on ebay (of a single item) and where can it be sold easily besides ebay?

Hi,the best way to get more people to visit you auction is to have ebay feature your item. All depends on the value though. You can use the second chance feature so you sell two of the same for eac... Read More »

I bought an item from ebay and it didn't arrive. The person has deleted thier ebay account so what can i do?

depends how you card, your card company will reimburse you.paypal.......ebay will fight for you, but they will ask you to try and resolve it with the buyer yourself, before they ste... Read More »

Is there another auction on line apart from ebay,ebay is getting very expensive to sell things on?

The only one i know of is Ebid uk,put it in search web and have a look

**EBAY** I recently bought an item off ebay, which was wrongly descriped....?

dude, at least u stoped that user from hurting other people like urself. u hiuld always check feedback b4 buying something off ebay.