Ebuyer said my card was declined?

Answer this has happened to me 3-4 times with Ebuyer, each time it was the bank who put a block on my the next few days you will get a call from your bank telling you your card has been blocked. t... Read More »

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Three network said I could have a contract but then declined it because of a past debt with them.?

No - clerical error and there'll be a clause in the contract to cover it....

Damaged my glasses,purchased on credit card,under 12 months old, home insurance said claim from credit card.?

If your credit card company can cover it, claim from them first. It's unlikely the damage to your glasses is going to be above your deductible, and depending on the type of damaged it may be exclud... Read More »

My oyster card is registered online but the ticket office said it wasn't.?

Just hand the form in and be done with it. Mine is registered online but I could not buy monthly passes online. I had to go to the local station and get them to register it - at the time I did not ... Read More »

My boyfriend said he wasnt oline,. but his google account said he was online?

Either he is lying or the device or computer he logged on to was on and he was signed in. That's why it showed that he was there when he wasn't. That happens to me a lot, because my iPad it's basi... Read More »