Economics question !!?

Answer 1. Do you know your question violates the community guidelines by filing into wrong category?2. You already know the answer to that: competition, but only in the case where there really are a large... Read More »

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Economics question help answer needed ASAP please?

What's the PV of an Ordinary Annuity of 20,000 for 4 yrs, at 10%? Answer 63,397VS the PV of an Annuity of 19,000 for 4 yrs at 10% is 60,227 + 3,000 = 63,227 total

Do you advise doing Economics A-Level if looking at an Economics degree?

When I did my PGDip in Economics, consisting mostly of second year units, I did not have a problem not studying economics before. However, that could easily just be due to the way my university has... Read More »

University of Hull BA (Hons) Business Economics or University of Bradford BSc (Hons) Financial Economics?

Today, a person with a BSc degree has much greater chance to secure a position of status and financial benefits than one with a BA or BA (Hons) degree. Hence it is strongly recommended that you sho... Read More »

What job can you get with a phd in economics?

Most economists outside of academia work in one of two areas: government (either in a government agency/department or as part of a privately-run policy think-tank), or finance. Economists learn how... Read More »