Edimax IP WC1510Wg camera won't reset.?

Answer First you need to set a machine with a static IP on its' WIRED network card. This must be in the same subnet as the camera. So maybe with a subnet of you should be abl... Read More »

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My micron gas boiler wont start but my green reset light is flashing how do i reset it?

Cut power to boilerIf it is a combi boiler check the pressure guage to see if the water pressure in the system is high enough - typically 0.7 to 1.5 bar on the gauge - if too low repressuriseSet al... Read More »

How to Reset a Vado Video Camera?

You can perform a soft reset on the small Vado video cameras from Creative by cycling the camera's power. Let the camera idle for one minute, and it enters a power-saver mode. Let the camera idle f... Read More »

How fast do you have to drive through a speed camera and it wont see you?

This was tested on Top Gear a few years ago. They did it in a TVR Tuscan S and it was just over 170mph (not 197 as someone said)The video is here…A word o... Read More »

How to Reset a Canon Camera Due to a Lens Error?

After an accidental tumble down a flight of stairs or a day at the beach, your Canon compact digital camera may have trouble extending or retracting its zoom lens. This is referred to as the E18 er... Read More »