Encrypting DVD's?


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What is the benefit of encrypting data on my phone?

What encryption does is just add a layer of security over your data to prevent misuse of data. But that doesn't mean its totally safe as encryption can be cracked once it algorithmic formula is det... Read More »

How to Dvds?

To do DVDs, connect your video source to your computer with the included cable. Download the AVI files from your video source onto your computer and launch your video editing software and import th... Read More »

How to Get 2 DVDs on a 4.7 GB DVD-R?

A standard DVD-R holds 4.7 GB of data. There are two ways of storing additional data on the DVD -- compression and a new medium. Compression of the files that will be burnt to the DVD will allow mo... Read More »

How do You Get Dvds on to PC?

One way of putting DVD??s onto your computer is with the use of Handbrake software. Insert your DVD into the drive. Click the ???source?? which will be located at the top of handbrake, then double ... Read More »