Even though i have rubbish internet signal where i live should i atleast be able to play 240 p vids?

Answer if its that slow you should download them first but make sure your browser and plugins are up to date, Something that is often overlooked nmake sure your modem is connected to the MAIN telephone so... Read More »

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Since yesterday my PC won't play youtube vids, can anyone help?

How can i play youtube vids on my dvd player?

You can download youtube videos to computer in regular video formats athttp://vixy.netthen you can follow this guide to learn how to burn videos to dvd, make it play on home dvd playerhttp://www.dv... Read More »

How do i get flash player to work i think somehow i've turned it off and i can't get any google vids to play?

If you are using IE, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and check the settings in the Multimedia section.If you believe your Flash player is corrupted, you can follow these steps.Assuming you ... Read More »

Dream job but 9 month far away, or live with wife and rubbish jobs?

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