Even though i have rubbish internet signal where i live should i atleast be able to play 240 p vids?

Answer if its that slow you should download them first but make sure your browser and plugins are up to date, Something that is often overlooked nmake sure your modem is connected to the MAIN telephone so... Read More »

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Where can I get a loan even though I have bad credit?

you should be on the electoral roll. If you have been declined by (i assume) your bank, then you will find it hared to get a loan. be careful about applying for any other loans, every declined loan... Read More »

I can't get on to the netflix website even though my internet is working?

Just try reaching the site through Internet Explorer and copy & paste the link on your browser. If nothing yet, then it's the site or local settings. You cleared the cache and cookies on your brows... Read More »

I cannot access the internet on my laptop even though it is showing as connected to the network.?

You have a local connection (pc/laptop to router) but no WAN connection (router to internet via ISP) check your modem is plugged in and turned on if you have cable. If not call your ISP and check s... Read More »

Can i have a career in care even though i have a record?

This really depends on how long ago the charge was.If it was over 5 years go then it is classed as a spent sentence.Is it a charge or caution?I have had similar problems myself - I did some really ... Read More »