Every time when i turn on my pc it shows restore my active desktop error............state the reason please?

Answer Hi,It would be a lot simpler for people trying to help you if you could give more details like what OS you are using, which version etc. If you are using Windows XP:1. Click Start, click Run, type ... Read More »

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How can I stop MSN messenger popping up on my desktop every time I turn on my computer?

for windows xp:click start -> run -> type msconfig -> select the startup tab from the pop up window . -> uncheck the application u dont want to start at windos start.....hope it works......for wind... Read More »

Is there any reason that philips pc running vista, which has 100gb hd only has 80gb active with 20 not allocat?

it will be the 20 Gb taken up by the operating system.the vista instalation requires about that amount +flash players and any other programs all programs to see how many.hope ... Read More »

What Is an Active Desktop?

Active Desktop® is a major feature in some older versions of Microsoft Windows® and Internet Explorer®. This feature allowed certain types of hypertext markup language (HTML) to operate dynamically... Read More »

How to Stop Active Desktop Recovery?

If you own a computer running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and you use Internet Explorer 7, you may come across the "Active Desktop Recovery" error in which a white screen with a blue exclamation... Read More »