Everyone has theres answered, please help me!?

Answer it's usually out of your system after 30 days

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My internet goes off when the phone is answered?

If your internet drops when you make a call something is definitely wrong, either with your line or with your house wiring.1. Everything has to go through a filter at all phone sockets. You must no... Read More »

Car insurance help, I need some questions answered about it?

it will be by a monthly direct debit.You will pay the first 9months and have the rest of the year off.If you need to pay a deposit this may be classed as one payment, so it could be over 10months.W... Read More »

Phsycology questions need answered?

The word is PSYchology1. I recommend switching one of those A Levels with Biology2. There is a science component as well as a great deal of statisticsOnly you can decide if this is a good career

Is it wrong to want to say thank u to everyone who answered my questions thank u?

No, it is not wrong wanting to thank those who answer your questions. Letting someone else know that you appreciated their help is part of what makes answering questions so much fun!