Everyone has theres answered, please help me!?

Answer it's usually out of your system after 30 days

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I Have a Background - Now Theres Stupid Advertising On My Myspace - Please Help?

Go to where you posted the code and scroll to the bottom. It should have a bunch of sparatic pieces of code that go a little likea href="" target="_blank" img src="http://i... Read More »

I need to put in a 2n hard drive into my pc but theres no screw holes for it please help?

Not all computers use screws to hold the HD in place. For example one of my computers, a Dell Dimension E520, has a large plastic bracket that slides out of the HD cage and snaps in place over the ... Read More »


Tell her she only gets £220, and thats after you get the item back and check its not been damaged, and its complete, you are not obliged to refund postage

Is it wrong to want to say thank u to everyone who answered my questions thank u?

No, it is not wrong wanting to thank those who answer your questions. Letting someone else know that you appreciated their help is part of what makes answering questions so much fun!