Everytime i sign in i get an error message - runner error.....invalid backweb application id "7288971"?

Answer did you had a kodak program on the computer (including Compaq, HP, McAfee...)i.e.c:\Prograram Files\Kodak\KODAK Software Updater\7288971\Prograrm'backWeb-7288971…if yes ... reinstall it then unin... Read More »

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Vauxhall cd30,why do i keep getting an error message everytime i try and play a cd please help?

did it use to work before? are you sure you are making the right type of cd??some cd players will not play an mp3 audio cd so u will have to try standard audio cd.make sure you are creating it the ... Read More »

Everytime I start up my laptop I get and error message. I have Windows Vista?

What you have is a remnant from a virus/malware which has been removed from your systemTo get rid of it, hold down the windows button and press 'R' and enter msconfig. Click the startup tab and loo... Read More »

How to Fix iTunes Not Valid Win32 Application Error Message?

When attempting to install iTunes, a message may display stating that the set-up program is "not a valid Win32 application." This occurs because the download is incomplete or corrupted. Those with ... Read More »

DirectX error Message "DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS" in Computer application.What it mean How can be rectified?