Expert knowledge wanted: service charge on part rent part buy flat with head lease charged double UK?

Answer You don't say where you live or what is the value of your flat so it is hard to know whether your charges are fair but it is certainly wrong that part of the block pay a higher service charge than ... Read More »

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Need the part code for the Honda Jazz 1.4 Sport Sat Nav/Double Din Radio Bezel, or recommend for nonHonda part?

Try your local car radio place, they will get one for you no problem and it will be cheaper than going to Honda.

Can we afford part rent part buy?

Me and my Ex partner earn between us about 38k and took on a shared ownership scheme. The property was worth 125k and we got a mortgage of 62,500.. we also had outgoings of around 300 - 400 pounds.... Read More »

Can i claim job seekers allowance if I wanted to do just part time work.?

You can claim JSA if you are actively looking for work and are working less than 16 hours per week. If you have significant health problems that limit your ability to work then Employment Support A... Read More »

Do diverter valves in boilers have two parts I was charged twice after a second part was at fault?

Quite likely.Typically a diverter / three port / mid position / zone (etc) valve has two sections.There is a 'wet' part, the brass valve body with a protruding spindle to operate it, plus a 'dry' p... Read More »