Explain the range of resources available to support additional needs of individuals with learning disabilities?

Answer It would depend on the individual, their individual needs........and then community funding/availability of the resources. Unlike k-12 special education, 'additional resources' is not legally guara... Read More »

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Explain the range of resources available to support additional needs for adults with learning disabilities?

Rights for disabled adults are sanctioned by the Americans with Disabilities Act. I would go to them on the 'Net to find out the answer to your question.

Definition of Autism in the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act?

Autism is a developmental disability that is covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a federal law designed to provide educational access to children with special needs.

What are Some Common Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities or learning disorders may affect about 10-40% of the population, depending upon the particular study. At the high range, some of the children who are diagnosed with a learnin... Read More »

Does any one work in learning disabilities?

I run a group for adults with learning difficulties in my church.What's to tell? Every one of these people are individuals and have the right to their dignity and respect. When speaking to them, ... Read More »