Explain the role of the TCP/IP protocol and how it links to application layer protocols?

Answer TCP/IP covers layers 2 to 4 of the OSI model. Application layers that are carried on TCP/IP include ftp, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, SOAP.TCP/IP was not designed to comply with the 7 layer model. That could ... Read More »

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Why is application layer, session layer and presentation layer combined into a single layer in the TCP/IP prot?

The application layer isn't combined.There is no presentation layer in TCP/IP, it is simply a byte stream and any presentation is left to the application to sort out.The OSI model was designed by c... Read More »

Explain how these types of networks relate to particular standards and protocols.?

What Is an Application Layer?

A computer network is typically designed based on a network diagram. This topology is defined based on the open systems interconnection model (OSI) and consists of seven layers of network functiona... Read More »

Can someone please explain the role of computer systems in different environments?

Think of a place, and you'll find a computer. Sure you can consider the office environment as holding typical computers but what about the automobile environment? Lots of computers in a car today... Read More »