Explain why Manchester line code provide better synchronisation?

Answer In telecommunication, Manchester code (also known as Phase Encoding, or PE) is a line code in which the encoding of each data bit has at least one transition and occupies the same time. It is, ther... Read More »

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Can anyone explain to me in detail how a 2 stroke outboard works, or provide a good source that will?

It's the firing cycles. And, as for providing a good source that will explain it, the link lower down here, to Animated Engines is superb.Each cylinder on a 2 x stroke fires every two cycles, each ... Read More »

What would I need to provide to HMRC in order for my tax code to change?

When the financial year ticks over the code goes cumulative.What code are you on now?If you think any earlier years may have been wrong then write to HMRC - all the info you can get throw it in, P4... Read More »

How can we provide internet access in a house for many people to use wirelessly we dont need the phone line.?

Have you thought about satelite internet I have Wild blue and have 5 computers connected with fast download times (1.2mb) and have had it running for two years with no problems. Upfront cost is ab... Read More »

Can anyone provide a code for ford fusion 2003 radio?