Extreme Email Abuse & Harassment : Please Help?

Answer Hello,(ANS) YES! this is a tricky subject area and a tough one to deal with when you have someone who gets off on playing mind F**ck games with your head. This hacker enjoys knowing he can upset or... Read More »

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Harassment PLEASE HELP ME!?

He do it again, stop, turn around and tell him "if you touch me again, I'm going to push you." So when he touch you again, push him.

Sexual harassment at work, please help!?

Next time it happens say something to him and ask him to stop. You are doing nothing wrong so he would lose his job and not you. If this does not work make a point next time it happens. Say somet... Read More »

:)~~~~PLeAsE pLeAsE HELP me with a farewell email at work as im leaving my job today?

It depends on the intended recipient and the purpose of the farewell. I'll give you two scenarios:If done to provide notice of your departure to your company, your letter would likely be addressed... Read More »

Can I please get come help on my potential career email?

I admire your enthusiasm, but I think the email is a little too long. Also Im not sure they will be telling you things (career paths for a pilot) that you cant find on web sites on how to become a ... Read More »