FACEBOOK. blocking nutters!?


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Facebook Blocking Privacy?

Blocked means they are prevented from seeing anything, your not!

Blocking People On Facebook..?

alright!your going to have to go to your privacy settings, and for photos, and everything else, you are going to have to customize the options, and just get HER to be the ONLY one who cant see it, ... Read More »

How to avoid Facebook blocking me?

its a problem with your router. i had this same problem with ma belkin router.i threw it away and bought dlink router. now its working fineyour router assigns internal ip address to all devices con... Read More »

How do I Get Around My School Blocking Facebook?

You can get around facebook blocking filters in school in various ways. However, in the interests of keeping you out of trouble with your teachers, it would be best if you did not look into this to... Read More »