Face book profile picture wont show up?

Answer I've been having this problem too. It's more than likely your Internet, or Facebook being slow. So just leave it and it'll show up eventually.

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I put a picture on my myspace profile for a background but when i go to my profile it dosent show up?

Don't use Pimp My Profile, just use the profile edidot provided on your page. When you put your pic up nmake sure you click the button to choose to have it repeated all over you backround and not j... Read More »

Why wont my other monitor show any picture?

The different sizes don't matter but you need to update your graphic drivers.If you havec a Gtx card then search for "nvidia driver".If you have an ATI/Radeon card then search for "catalyst driver".

Anyone elses twitter profile picture wont change?

Your Facebook Wall is where you announce events, thoughts -- or just about anything else -- and your friends drop by to say hello or leave a link to a cool site. A friend on Facebook might also pos... Read More »

What to use a a Facebook profile picture if you don't want your face?

there's a list of alternative default facebook profile pictures, i used some of them, its funny…