Facebook - Cafe World HELP!?

Answer here's some tips :…and how to make money fast in cafe world :…i hope this help :D

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How to Calculate Cafe World Profit?

Like any business in the real or virtual world, you must turn a profit to improve your business and more importantly, to stay in business. In Café World, players can create their own restaurant me... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Coffee Machine in "Cafe World"?

On "Café World," a browser-based video game for Facebook, many items can be purchased to make your cafe a success. Among them is the early-level coffee maker. When your business picks up and you b... Read More »

Cheats for the Spice Racks in "Cafe World"?

During "Cafe World's" first week, this Facebook-based game attracted more than 8 million users. With the addition of the spice rack, players can use different spices to manipulate their dishes. Eac... Read More »

How to Cook Food Faster in Cafe World?

"Cafe World" is an online game developed by Zynga. It can be played on Facebook and offers gamers the chance to create and build their own virtual restaurant. Players must manage their expenses and... Read More »