Facebook - can friends of people tagged see my photos?

Answer Yes, but not other pictures in the album.

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On Facebook, how do I customize which Friends can see statuses or photos I've been tagged into by others?

i had to do that so i'll tell you what i go on activity log it's on your page and click the post then you press the X. no one can see it. it's easy

How to stop people from seeing tagged photos of you on Facebook?

no, you werent the one to upload those pictures, so you do not control the privacy settings for them, the person who uploaded the picture controls thatif you think you changed the privacy settings ... Read More »

Can someone I've blocked on facebook see photos i'm tagged in?

How do you hide photos your tagged in on facebook?

you cant hide tagged photos, you can only remove the tagyou werent the person to upload them, so you cannot change the privacy settings for them