Facebook - seriously why would you do this?

Answer Yeah, I had an ex that I hadn't seen nor heard from in 14 years look me up and say "wow, you're looking good, remember me?" what a joke! I was like 16 at the time lol.

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Something seriously weird has happened on my facebook?

probably a facebook error, although it could have been a virus on his computer, causing it to act weird. ask your friend if his computer is working properly(the way it always does). but it has noth... Read More »

Would this happen on facebook?

It's all part of the NEW Facebook.....I don't like the change, especially now as they lump all my friends who are talking about Christmas at either their home or other places into one post showing ... Read More »

Seriously this is Demi Lovatos email?

Yes, of course it's real - LOL!Why would an American actress have a "" e-mail address....?It's probably a pervert trying to groom young children for sex.

Would this make me a Facebook "stalker" (lol)!?

You HAVE to click.The whole point of facebook is to feed your curiosity/stalk and discover things about/probe other people. Not only is it fun but it's educational!And what have you got to lose by ... Read More »