Facebook. Does seeing your family's profiles and the tripe they write prove how fake it all is?

Answer This question makes me simultaneously want to do a forward roll, the twisty-mouth thingy and a quizzical eyebrow. So much bile to vent on this topic, yet so little time!!!!!First off - I don't use ... Read More »

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Are these fake facebook profiles my stalker?

Why are you bothering to talk to these people at all - methinks you like the attention dear - does it make you feel wanted that you have a stalker ???My advice - stop using Facebook or at least clo... Read More »

How to Report Fake Facebook Profiles?

Some users open a Facebook account with a fake profile as a joke or in order to spam or harass other Facebook users. As a safety and security measure, Facebook demands that all user profiles be gen... Read More »

What should I do about people trying to trick me with fake facebook profiles?

Just go to their profile then click Report/BlockAlso go to your Privacy settings and set your profile to private so nobody but your friends can conatct youUnfortunately once you are on a spam list ... Read More »

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