Facebook. How do I remove an application from the list?

Answer You're actually referring to the newsfeed menu, and the application "FarmVille" is there because you have a friend who is playing it. You'll notice that when you click on it, the news on your right... Read More »

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How to remove myself from a list a girl made on facebook?

Ask that freak to remove you... then delete/block her. She sounds freaky.

How do I remove people from my list of inspirational people on Facebook?

Hello Jaz T have to select the person ( a blue box appears around the picture) and then press delete on your keyboard. It took me 5 minutes to figure out this lol =)

How Do I Unblock an Application From Posting on My Facebook Wall?

Facebook applications include games and music players, and aren't a standard feature of Facebook accounts. Each application on a profile must be manually added by the profile's owner. If an applica... Read More »

If someone blocks you from facebook does that stop you from finding their page in other peoples friends list?

That is correct. it blocks all further communication with them as well as searching for them anywhere, including your friends. etc