Facebook Limited Profile Preview?

Answer If you have the people blocked from seeing posts by me then they won't be able to see your wall tab at all

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Limited profile on facebook?

Most of the settings can be adjusted to keep your secrets away from the prying eyes of those worrisome network nerds.Simply move your mouse cursor over the Settings panel (top right) and click on P... Read More »

In facebook...if you put someone who can only view limited profile...?

the person wouldnt know unless they compare their profile with someone else you know, who isnt on a limited profile. you cant pretty much block everything off on a limited profile. Look in the priv... Read More »

On facebook how can I put someone who is already a friend on my limited profile list?

if u already set up a limted profile before the privacy setting changed then go to friends and on the left hand side it has all friends underneath it has limited friends click on that and then ur l... Read More »

Facebook friend list under profile picture are the people who view your profile most?

I believe the few people who pop-up as a preview of your friends when you open up your profile are the profiles YOU view the most/a lot. This is what I have seemed to observe when I look at my prof... Read More »