Facebook Quizzes :)....?

Answer i like the "living social" quizzes--there are tons of them! there is also a "how well do you know me" that you write your own questions (as many or few as you want)-- your friends answer them and ... Read More »

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How can you bypass the quizzes on facebook?

The only way to do it, is to buy software. The software that is available to buy isn't specifically to do this, so you get alot more within the program, and therefore they cost a fair bit of money.... Read More »

What quizzes will i put on bebo please?

You Can Have 1 Called:How Much Do We Have In CommonAnd You Put Questions Like: Do You Like Cats Best Or Dogs?And Other Questions Like That..x

Anyone know of any pub quizzes in the basildon or brentwood area?

Ring up your local pubs and ask them whether they have a pub night :] That's what we did and found a few! :] If you haven't got the numbers for the pubs then just pop in or ring 118 or something si... Read More »

How to Make Interactive Quizzes on PowerPoint?

To make an interactive quiz or test using PowerPoint, add buttons and actions to your presentation. When you click on a button, it triggers the display of another slide or other location, such as a... Read More »