Facebook Reactivation Problem?

Answer I am having the same problem. In the past, I have deactivated my account many times and a reactivation email was sent soon afterwards and I was able to go back to my old account. Now, I am not sure... Read More »

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If you send a message on Facebook after they've deactivated their account, will they get it upon reactivation?

Iv deactivated my facebook account for few times & permanently for quite some time now.. so far, when someone already deactivated their account, they wont get the message. unless for group message.

Reactivation of a deleted gmail account?

Gmail usernames are not recycled. If you already used a prefix (the part before the @), you will not be able to create a new account with that name. Moreover, you will not be able to use the "dot v... Read More »

Why are my friends on Facebook it some kind of a Facebook problem?

are all of your facebook friends genuine friends or just added through games such as farmville?if so,then you can never count on them to remain friends forever just like that.otherwise,some might h... Read More »

Facebook problem, please help?

Try and restore your ipod if everything is backed up it wont take long, and it might solve this problem :)