Facebook Saviour for Firefox not Chrome?

Answer Its for both the browsers you just need to download its toolbar on both the browsers,

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Google Chrome or Firefox 3?

I love the new browser and I think it's going to kill IE. It's just a better browser all together - and super fast. My favorite things about it are that it runs Javascript code much faster and that... Read More »

Google chrome vs firefox?

I will always like Firefox for the extensions and the control I have over my browser. Chrome is better for Java, but I don't usually go to a lot of pages that have Java and my internet has Fios spe... Read More »

Google Chrome or Firefox?

Hate to throw a third one in there, but Opera seems to be the best out at the moment in my opinion.

Which is bettergoogle chrome or firefox?

I would install both. Here is my browser experience:Some websites (even from major companies) use browser-specific features. You may not be able to participate in something important like chatting ... Read More »