Facebook: They have removed "social me". Why I'm upset about it because it was a great little application?

Answer Both Social Me and Slide's Top Friends apps have apparently been 'suspended' for privacy reasons; because the applications have some dodgy issues with users' private data; and their friends' privat... Read More »

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My staff mad/upset because I'm putting more stock on sales floor, acting upset, they don't like change...why?

I've been a manager too. It's not always easy and when someone new comes in employees are always a bit standoffish. Stick to your guns. The last manager was too easy on them and just wanted to popu... Read More »

Have they removed the 'poke' function of Facebook?

You can still Poke your own friends, but yep, it seems they removed the Poke option for everyone who isn't your Friend. They used to let you Poke friends of your friends, but then they removed it t... Read More »

Why r the O.A.Ps. in the U.K paid so little pension compared to other countries is it because they..?

The working pulic were scammed by the Labor Government that created 'old age Pensions' The were told 'pay your National Insurance and this will be used to pay you a Pension'Unfortunately it was a l... Read More »

Do people hate Facebook because they can't accept they are not liked?

Facebook to me is for people that want to tell the world all their problems because they have a wide open audience willing to listen to them. I personally think there are a big number of users tha... Read More »