Facebook: They have removed "social me". Why I'm upset about it because it was a great little application?

Answer Both Social Me and Slide's Top Friends apps have apparently been 'suspended' for privacy reasons; because the applications have some dodgy issues with users' private data; and their friends' privat... Read More »

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On facebook what does [Social+][c=993399] or [Social+][c=FF7800] mean?

My friends are using that tooapparently it enables you to see fonts in other colours, but as far as i can see... its not working!

What would be a great name for a social networking site?

depends what the URL is.something like.MyPageorSocial.... something aha

My staff mad/upset because I'm putting more stock on sales floor, acting upset, they don't like change...why?

I've been a manager too. It's not always easy and when someone new comes in employees are always a bit standoffish. Stick to your guns. The last manager was too easy on them and just wanted to popu... Read More »

Looking to change my carer to social work field... any advice would be great!?

Hi there, i am a student social worker. I completed the access to higher education which gave me the qualification to gain entry into university. You do not need sponsership from an employer but so... Read More »