Facebook addicts: how are you coping with it being down?

Answer I already changed the lightbulbs outside (which meant finding a screwdriver, running to the store for the right kind of bulbs, cleaning it all with soapy water and windex), folded laundry, vacuumed... Read More »

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Facebook being closed down?

No, that is an internet hoax. See the article on for clarification. BTW Snopes is a great web site for researching anything that smacks of urban legend.Melissa Thigpen, Electronic Re... Read More »

I am having trouble with my manager who is being rude and talks down to me. What can i do about this?

Of course there isn't any legal action; do try getting this in perspective and stop making such a drama of it all. That would improve the situation at a stroke!

Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

Yes, subscribe to Facebook mobile texts, you then just text its alot easier.

Coping With Adultery?

Adultery occurs when a husband or wife is unfaithful to a spouse. Coping with adultery can be extraordinarily painful. Yet adultery is not uncommon and happens even in marriages that seemed happy. ... Read More »