Facebook april fools?

Answer replace all your pictures with nude butt shots, they wont be categorized as pornography / vulgar if you choose moon type pics

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Youtube April fools day?

Last year, every single "Featured" and "Promoted" videothat was on YouTube's homepage was indeed a "link" toRick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video. So theanswer to your question is "YES", bu... Read More »

April Fools' Day Classroom Ideas?

April Fools' Day is celebrated through most of the western world on April 1 of each year. In the United States, the day is typically celebrated by playing lighthearted practical jokes, such as sett... Read More »

April Fools Tricks & Jokes?

Many theories exist about how April Fools' Day came about. While the origins of the day remain a mystery, it has long been a tradition to use April 1 as an excuse to play pranks and jokes on family... Read More »

Ideas for a 3 Year Anniversary on April Fools Day?

Leather is both the traditional gift and the modern gift for a third anniversary, though glass and crystal are alternate modern gifts. If your anniversary falls on April Fool's day, you have the op... Read More »