Facebook being closed down?

Answer No, that is an internet hoax. See the article on for clarification. BTW Snopes is a great web site for researching anything that smacks of urban legend.Melissa Thigpen, Electronic Re... Read More »

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How do I start a campaign to get Facebook closed down?

I agree with Leah.Start a group about it on Facebook.

Would you be bothered if Facebook closed down permanently right now?

Not in the slightest!Maybe kids would do some school work instead and productivity in offices would go up dramatically.Not to mention the social and relationship breakdowns it and other such Social... Read More »

Facebook addicts: how are you coping with it being down?

I already changed the lightbulbs outside (which meant finding a screwdriver, running to the store for the right kind of bulbs, cleaning it all with soapy water and windex), folded laundry, vacuumed... Read More »

The Hmv is closed down?

Two options: check who is providing the guarantee/warranty - may not be HMV. If it is HMV, and you paid by card, apply to the card issuer.