Facebook being closed down?

Answer No, that is an internet hoax. See the article on for clarification. BTW Snopes is a great web site for researching anything that smacks of urban legend.Melissa Thigpen, Electronic Re... Read More »

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Is my facebook a/c closed?

Well if yours is closed then mine must be too coz I've not been able to get onto Facebook properly for a few days now......hence the reason I'm on YA lol.There's been alot of activity or lack of it... Read More »

facebook closed groups?

I would have thought so - it's in a published forum, albeit to a closed group. Defamation is the publication of an untrue statement about a person that tends to lower his reputation in the opinion ... Read More »

Would you be bothered if Facebook closed down permanently right now?

Not in the slightest!Maybe kids would do some school work instead and productivity in offices would go up dramatically.Not to mention the social and relationship breakdowns it and other such Social... Read More »

How Secure Is the Closed Group in Facebook?

Anyone with a Facebook profile is allowed to make a group to share content with friends or Facebook users who have a similar interest. You can make your Facebook group mostly private by setting the... Read More »