Facebook chat emotes?

Answer The one for middle finger is [[midfing]]Thumbs up is (y)Sorry, I don't know the one for thumbs down; if you find out, please let me know!!

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Where can I download the old facebook app for blackbery from the one without facebook chat included?

you will only be able to download itfrom the messenger link

Complain about the new facebook chat by going here:…?…This might be helpfull for you

Downloading Emotes for MSN?

I don't think you can, the way I got them was from my friends, and I would add them via them.

How do i get on facebook chat without facebook?

I won't recommend any other sites since they might trick you to get your password and personal information.You can download an external chat/Instant Messaging client (which is like a messenger) tha... Read More »