Facebook 'compare people' application?

Answer You do appear because you are friends with them.

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Hi all.Does anyone know of an application on Facebook that automatically sends out birthdays wishes to people?

there is one i know of birthday greeting cards application doesn't send them automatically, but it will remind you a few days before there choose a card then have a choice of there m... Read More »

Do rich people compare themselves against even richer people and feel relatively poor?

People rarely define their true ideal of success. Some people think it is money, but in the end they're wrong. Success is having solid loving relationships with others.

Describe ways of keeping other people informed about progress and compare their effectiveness. What are the b?

sorry but i don't understand your question can you please elaborate, is it an application form question or are you looking for a solution to help keep staff at work informed of what is going on?

I need to compare lay people and lawyers and explain the relationship between criminal and civil cases?

Question is a bit them how? A lawyer is a lawyer and a lay person isn't a lawyer! Can you be a bit more specific?? Criminal cases deal with crimes and civil cases deal with legal re... Read More »