Facebook cover ideas?

Answer Pick something unique and tasteful

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Can't get facebook cover photo just right?

You have to set the width as 851 and height as 315 . Note that the difference between the width and height is 536 . So make sure that there is 536 difference between your width and height . For ex... Read More »

What should I put as my cover photo on facebook?

You and a few friends You and some family Fav singerPetView of place you've beenConcert photo

Is this a lame idea for a facebook cover?

Just put it out there! If it's something you really like then why not? i don't think it's lame, you'll probably attract more like-minded people or something, people that also like playing that game :)

How to change facebook cover photo?

Upload the photo into an album so then when you pick your cover photo you can choose click on 'albums' and get it there :)