Facebook cover ideas?

Answer Pick something unique and tasteful

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How to put a Facebook cover photo on iPad?

The easiest way is to use Safari and do it how you would on a computer. The ipad apps not that good for things like that.

How to change facebook cover photo?

Upload the photo into an album so then when you pick your cover photo you can choose click on 'albums' and get it there :)

facebook timeline cover image dimensions?

Why not ask in the developers blog community? Hi AlBags, boy I'm glad somebody dared to answer me, lol - I sounded ^^really grumpy there didn't I =:0 It's ju... Read More »

Is this a lame idea for a facebook cover?

Just put it out there! If it's something you really like then why not? i don't think it's lame, you'll probably attract more like-minded people or something, people that also like playing that game :)