Facebook custom status?

Answer The information on specifically who the post is visible to is only available to you. If anyone else hovers over the little cog, they will just see the word "custom."

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Why is it I can't see my friends Facebook posts if there status isn't set on a custom setting?

The Inline Audience Indicator is used so people can determine who get's to see their Facebook posts. This includes. Public: Anyone who can get on Facebook can see these posts; Except for Blocked pe... Read More »

A Status on facebook?

It means he thinks you're a GANG-ster hence GANG-nam style. Personally I think you should take as much offence as possible and delete him.

Facebook status! ASAP!?

i find sometimes the simpler the more affective.something likemy Aunt fell done a manhole today, hole in one.

How do You Tag Someone in a Status on Facebook?

To tag someone in your Facebook status, while you're typing your Facebook status press the @ key and this will bring up a menu where you can type in the name of the person you wish to tag in your s... Read More »