Facebook for 12yrs old!!!?

Answer RACHEL wrote "to be honest, my brother and his friend are 12 and are on it, but he's made out he's 21 and from washington DC (we're from UK lol)..."This is EXACTLY the reason why you MUST monitor h... Read More »

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What is the best way to write on your CV that you have been a housewife/mother for 12yrs?

Write, "I have been a housewife/mother for 12 years.".

Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

Yes, subscribe to Facebook mobile texts, you then just text its alot easier.

What's the difference between the Facebook app, Facebook messenger app and facebook in iPhone settings?

The Facebook app is basically a version of the website enhanced for the iPhone, whereas the integrated Facebook integration in iOS is only for posting statuses. The messenger app is basically a fas... Read More »

Facebook...Is it acceptable for married or "couples" to have facebook and flirt with others on it?

Friendly flirting - not serious flirting. However, I have a MySpace specifically marked as a friendship page - just friends chatting. Just because a man is interacting with women does not mean he... Read More »