Facebook friend requests report?

Answer When you send request to someone & that request is reported by the onr whom you sent, facebook does not take any action usually right away for only one report.BUT if you start sending many request ... Read More »

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Facebook friend requests?

yes i always get alot of them,i think its because i play alot of the games on facebook,i always ignore friendship requests unless i actually know the person.

How to See Sent Facebook Friend Requests?

Whether you've just joined Facebook or you've been a Facebook user from the beginning, it can be difficult to keep track of your pending friend requests. Once you send a friend request, the recipie... Read More »

How to Cancel Friend Requests You Send on Facebook?

Before you can communicate with individuals on Facebook, you must send a Friend Request to the person and have him accept the request. If you sent a Friend Request to the wrong person or if you cha... Read More »

When pressing "not now" on facebook friend requests?

I dont think so. Ive tested this because I have two facebook accounts. It looks like when you hit not now you dont see a second notification from that friend you "not nowed". I guess because you hi... Read More »