Facebook friends request question?

Answer To cancel the request you enter their profile (which has their info and (friends request sent)) then in the left corner under their friends u will find report person and under it cancel friend requ... Read More »

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How to See Sent Facebook Friends Request?

Facebook does not have a way to list all sent friend requests in one place. If a person shows up in your friends list, then one of you initiated the friend request and the other accepted. Facebook ... Read More »

My boss has sent me a friends request on Facebook - help!?

just ignore the request.. After all, you have a private life, and it is up to you to decide who can come in or not.

Question about accepting friends on Facebook - can a friend limit how much of their profile friends see?

Yep, you can put any person (or any group of people) under certain restrictions on Facebook. I should imagine its not very nice being on the receiving end of it but I certainly have some people on ... Read More »

If you ignore someone's friends request on Facebook does it mean they sub you?

No. If you "ignore" someone's FR on FB, it means you are not accepting their FR. That's it. They are not "subscribed" to you. They are not notified that you did not accept their FR.