Facebook, have you seen this?

Answer This is not legal! this is just like sending you an email.This is not guarented service either. its for social use only!People found doing this will be emailed directly from Facebook and their acco... Read More »

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She has not seen my facebook message but she has been active on Facebook.. Any chance she has seen it?

She probably has seen that you have messaged her and didnt open the message, cuz maybe shes not tha intrested in you or she cant me.arsed to message back... Maybe shes had enough of people harshing... Read More »

What people have seen my facebook profile?

Have you seen the clowns on the road today some have obliviously never seen snow in the UK?

Sadly this is a common thing in an area with snow. I live in the Northern US where we get snow every year, yet you'd think it was an alien concept when you see the first snowfall. If you are LUCKY ... Read More »

What is the funniest facebook status you have ever seen?

[name] is easy to do, just follow these steps. 1. Cut a hole in a box... etc