Facebook help!!?

Answer i wouldnt click on the link but go to facebook directly and check for the messages urself... also facebook/email the person who is said to have left u a message and if they didnt send anything then... Read More »

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Complain about the new facebook chat by going here:…?…This might be helpfull for you

Plz help my bf told me he is not on facebook then i find out he is and i cant see his page help meeee!!?

What do you mean by "I can't see his page", because he has not accepted you as a friend or because he is not showing up when you type in his name?

Help...iv tried to hack in to my bf facebook but now its come up in the drop down list....please help?

When the drop-down list appears, press the "down" arrow until you are over that email+password. Then press delete. I just tried that with my own e-mail and it worked... And try not doing this in th... Read More »

I like this boy help!!! + good facebook profile pic help?

You can take a picture of the front of your face, that way it won't make your nose look as long. Pose in front of a mirror until you find a angle that doesn't make your nose look so big, then hold ... Read More »