Facebook help! 2 accounts 1 email?

Answer temporarily close down your second account then log in with your first account (your original activation email would help as you just have to click on the link) if this doesn't work get a friend to... Read More »

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Can you get facebook messages sent to two email accounts?

Currently you only have the option to send it to one email address.

What happens to our facebook, yahoo and email accounts when we die?

Currently, if no one signs into your account for a certain amount of time (each company varies), your account will be deleted. But in the future, because the internet is becoming so important, ther... Read More »

How to Transfer Old Email Accounts to New Accounts?

There are many reasons why you might want to set up a new e-mail account -- an overload of spam, for example. Whatever the reason, you now want to transfer the messages and contacts saved in your o... Read More »

I don't remember my email address to log in to facebook. please help?

If you deactivated it months ago, I think Facebook deleted your account. And cos you deleted your email address too, you can't. Sorry..