Facebook is being run by the Illuminati!!?

Answer Never thought of that. I wondered why you couldn't delete your account as I wanted to also my daughter wanted to also but couldn't find a way, now she works with computers and can make them do the ... Read More »

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How do I Join the Illuminati?

The organisation may well have existed once, but, seeing as it was a secret society, verifying such a thing would be impossible. Fake groups may have formed since Dan Brown wrote about it.

What Are the Signs of the Illuminati?

A secret organisation called the Illuminati was founded in Germany in 1776 by a university professor named Adam Weishaupt. It is known to have been partly modelled on Freemasonry, and it attracted ... Read More »

How do I Become a Member of the Illuminati?

To become a member of the Illuminati you will need to to fill out an application form. It is a good idea to discuss the lifestyle with another Illuninati to get information on the lifestyle.

How to Make Illuminati Words?

The Illuminati are a secret organisation whose power and reach are often romanticised and debated. The Illuminati are an intellectual organisation, and it came back into popular attention as a resu... Read More »