Facebook is up and running again in Scotland?

Answer I live in mexico and facebook is up again since like 10 minutes, don´t worry it will work again there

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Does anyone no of any nice places to eat in angus scotland or tayside scotland?

If you want to eat in Dundee, Anatolia is a lovely Turkish restaurant on Perth Road. It doesn't have licence at the moment so they charge for corkage and you bring your own. It's quite a small plac... Read More »

When will Facebook be up and running again?

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Is it just my facebook that is running like rubbish?

All the time, facebook has really been running badly.However, I do use the IPhone app. If I make sure no notifications are on the IPhone, then facebook will work fine on the internet.

Does the facebook app on a smartphone show you as online if you leave it running in the background?