Facebook like and then unlike will they see the notification?

Answer Yes it is still there

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If you like someone's comment on Facebook then unlike it and block them will they still get a notification?

There is no need to block him, if he was online at the time you liked the comment, then there is a possibility that he did see it, but if you unliked it straight away he would get a notification, b... Read More »

Facebook - If you accidently like something, then you unlike it does it still give notification?

If you noticed it quick enough and pressed 'unlike' - it'll be fine - there'll be nothing there!

I accidentally liked someone's wall post, then quickly unliked it.. Will they still get a notification?

From what I know, yes with a comment, but no with a like

Unable to unlike a like on facebook?

You Should Be Able to Unlike it If you Press Unlike If it Doesint Unlike than its a Problem With Facebook Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them