Facebook – my friend can't view my profile: how can I resolve this problem?

Answer Perhaps its a temporary fault with facebook.I have experienced this before and after a few hours or maybe a day it was sorted. I couldnt see my friends profile , it looked asif it had been deleted ... Read More »

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Facebook friend list under profile picture are the people who view your profile most?

I believe the few people who pop-up as a preview of your friends when you open up your profile are the profiles YOU view the most/a lot. This is what I have seemed to observe when I look at my prof... Read More »

Do you ever view non-friend profile's on Facebook?

Nope and have never even had the desire to do so in the first place.Got better things to do with my time than trawl through a load of unknowns!If you don't know them personally what exactly is the ... Read More »

Facebook: If by sending a message to someone (that's not a friend) they can view my profile page ...?

I'm not 100% certain!But I'm pretty sure, it's from when you send the message!!

Can you view someone private profile pictures on facebook if you send them a friend request?

ONLY if they accept you as a friend.Until they do, then the answer is NO.Even then, they can still restrict what you see!