Facebook not working on iPad?

Answer You live in china?

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My Facebook in not working on My iPad?

Yeah.i too hav d same prblm.Just wait for facebook to improve it.u cant do anythin.

My ipad wifi isnt working?

PC WORLD, and other electrical retailers sell a WI-Fi extender, which plugs into a power socket to improve the signal in such 'poor' spots. Lidl had one last week in my local store on offer. Mayb... Read More »

Why can't I receive emails on my Ipad any more it has been working well until today?

Go to your settings and retype your password.

Please help!! How to delete Facebook contacts from iPad?

I think by going on to the calendar and click on the person's bday. Then press edit on the birthday and on the bottom there should be a button saying delete event but you will have to do it one by ... Read More »