Facebook on iPad/iPhone message crashing?

Answer Same here. Hope they fix it soon. In the meantime, why don't you try installing messenger and view the messages from there. Sonce it only crashes when you try to view/refresh the message, that shou... Read More »

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My PC keeps crashing and I get a blue screen message but it seems to be when it is hot - any iodeas?

As your computer is getting hotter, the seating of a card or the memory might be not as good because everything is expanding.Make sure everything on the motherboard is firmly seated.Good luck.

My pc keeps crashing and going to a blue screen with an error message somebody help please?

takes the ram in upside down some of them, for to other here what is happening I think here goes, the reason most of the time is u have to much stuff running & loading at start-up many tab open pl... Read More »

Screen keeps crashing with message of no signal but computer seems to be still runningany advice thanks?

Yep, the computer can chug merrily along without the monitor, keyboard or even mouse running.As to what the problem can be, check that the cable from the computer to the monitor is snug and screwed... Read More »

I sent a message on facebook, deactivated then reactivated my account; how do i know if they read the message?

They can't see your message if you deactivated your account, and I doubt it is resent even after you reactivate it