Facebook on ipod touch iOS?

Answer you Need to Get IOS 4.3 as the Facebook App Current Version is Not Compatable with 4.2.1 Sorry

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Why is my ipod touch coming off the facebook app?

Yea, that means that the app is "crashing". It's nothing serious, happens all the time. That's why they do the app updates, to fix bugs and prevent crashes. Make sure the App is up to date, and you... Read More »

How to Change a Facebook Profile on an iPod Touch?

Facebook's mobile application for the iPod touch lets you access several Facebook features. You can change your Facebook profile picture from within your Facebook application. Alternatively, if you... Read More »

Updated Facebook on Ipod Touch. Not opening!?

The only way to possibly fix it is to update your iOS firmware if you didnt do that already.The same happens to me on my iPad 2 (for the last 3 facebook updates this was the case) and I cant fix it... Read More »

Facebook won't open on iPod touch.?

Hello Anna,I'm having the same problem as well, along with many others. Report this to facebook so they will know you're having a problem as well. Here is the link. All we can do is wait it out now... Read More »