Facebook or hi5 which one do you use more?

Answer If your Hi5 has been blank for nearly a year, then you've answered your own question. Facebook has officially taken over the world

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Facebook or myspace, which is more popular?

Officially, MySpace ( ) is more popular (has more users). But Facebook ( ) has been getting a lot of buzz lately.Yuniti ( ) has also been ... Read More »

Which do you prefer more: Facebook or Twitter?

Why does the bigger ball have more gravity pulling on it Because it weighs more Which causes which?

The force that gravity exerts on an object is that object's weight. An object that has more gravity pulling on it weighs more and vice versa.

Which gives off more heat energy, an incandescent light bulb or a fluorescent lamp Which is more efficient to use in the summer or winter — TJ, Woodbridge, VA?

An incandescent lamp turns its electric power completely into heat. Even the visible light it gives off is actually thermal radiation. A fluorescent lamp tries not to produce heat—the light it pr... Read More »