Facebook page not loading properly?

Answer this sounds like your browser to me,try google chrome its a far better broser and a lot faster to use the internet hope this helps and good luck!!!!!!

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Tumblr photos not loading properly D:?

Tumblr, and web pages (and web browsers) don't support TIFFs. So that is out. It's not a web format.All web pages (and tumblr) only support JPEG, PNG or GIF.The drained colour is because you are u... Read More »

My web pages arent loading properly?

If your dongle has a poor signal then there is where your problem is coming from.It could be that you need to reset your dongle or even contact your supplier to see if there are any issues in your ... Read More »

Is it possible to write on a Facebook page from another Facebook page?

Hi starryey,Yes, that's possible! Go to ACCOUNT Menu and click "Use Facebook as page". Once you click on it, a list of your pages that you manage will appear, choose one and click "SWITCH". You can... Read More »

How Can I Improve Internet Page Loading Times?

There are a number of ways in which you can improve Internet page loading times, though the method you use will depend on if you are the administrator of a website or a visitor. If you are the admi... Read More »