Facebook photo plug in not working?

Answer It's because the file does not download with a proper extension. The file downloaded is "Install_Facebook_Plug-In_1.0.3" or "Install_Facebook_Plug-In_1.0.3[1]" but does not have an extension.You ha... Read More »

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My pc tower is not working is it possible to plug my laptop into my pc monitor?

Most laptops have a VGA port, so yes. Unplug the monitor from the tower, and plug it into the laptop. It's a unique connector, so there's only one place it can go, and only one way round.You might ... Read More »

Why isn't the Divx plug-in working on Google Chrome?

If i can't get it to view in come I would use firefox. here is somethings that could be the problem.1. It could be that page.2. It could be a corupped plugin your using.3. What I would do is downlo... Read More »

Lg monitor help cant fit a10 plug in socket but got my old a16 plug what will happen if i plug it instead of10?

You refer to wall socket power connection types in Europe and certain parts of world dominated by the former British Empire (like Commonwealth countries and a lot of Asia, some of Africa). These h... Read More »

I Have a problem with my my mouse stop working all of sudden then i need to plug it out and back in to work?

The mouse is faulty. I had this problem after I (accidentally) dropped my mouse. I had to unplug and replug just like you.Get another one