Facebook photo question?

Answer Nothing happens and yes its a waste of time, the person / page is just fishing for likes.When people like the picture it appears in their friends newsfeeds too, its purely for exposure.

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Question about my legs (photo)?

They don't look big at all, I couldnt guess your size by legs but if I had to it would be very petite(uk6), your legs are skinny, you shouldn't worry what others think you need to be confident and ... Read More »

Photo rotate question?

Not heard of that. Maybe the picture file is corrupt ? Can you view it ? If so can you resave it to a different name and work on that instead ? Does a different photo editing application have th... Read More »

Instagram photo count question?

I know everyone is gonna say this, and you probably tried this but try logging out and logging back in, or turning it on and off again.

Where are them photo's from you see on Facebook?

They could be from a number of places. For example:… you can use google's reverse image sear... Read More »